____________________ RETRO OVER BRIDGE ____________________

A proven rapid build modular bridge and flyover system

Available for hire or sale, the Retro Over-bridge (ROB) is a pre-fabricated modular steel bridge system combined with pre-engineered intermediate supports and other specifically developed details to deliver a proven solution for inner city flyovers and other multi-span over-bridges.

Standard ROB units are 1.5m wide and can be placed side by side to form any bridge width required: 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, etc.

Pre-assembled for rapid build, suitable for vehicles up to 45 tonnes GVW

The standard span module is 25m. Bridge units are pre-assembled for delivery by road and rapid erection and installation by crane at site.

Completed flyovers and over-bridges are suitable for use by public road going vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 45 tonnes.

The ROB system is designed using established in-house Retro Bridge design procedures to carry the lighter loading categories of many different international standards including HA loading to BD37/01 and HS20 loading to AASHTO.

Safe to use, re-locatable, suitable for temporary and permanent use

ROB units come with factory applied anti-skid surfacing as standard.

Completed over-bridges and flyovers are re-locatable with ease and are suitable for permanent and temporary use, providing much needed congestion relief and road diversion and bridge crossing capability for a variety of different applications.

Retro Over-bridges are ideal for temporary and permanent flyovers and over-bridges on public roads, private estates and construction sites alike.

We offer the complete service – design, supply, erection and dismantling

As with all of our bridge systems, we offer a full design, supply, erection and dismantling service, ensuring that Retro Over-bridges are built to the latest quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

____________________ TECHNICAL DATA ____________________

footbridgeLoading and Design
– Eurocode based calculations, HA loading to BD37/01, or HS20 loading to AASHTO.
– Other international standards catered for.
– Suitable for loads of up to 45 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight depending on span.
– Off-road construction traffic.

Spans, Widths and Depths
– Overall lengths in multiples of 25m clear spans.
– 1.5m standard unit widths.
– Standard roadway widths of 3m, 4.5m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, etc.
– 0.98m deck depth.

Impact protection
– Parapets to edge of outer units.

Deck Surfacing
– Factory applied epoxy based anti- skid surfacing as standard.

Other Attributes
– Available for hire or sale.
– Temporary and permanent flyovers and over-bridges.
– Suitable for use on public roads and construction site accesses.
– Easy to transport to site, very quick and simple to build by crane.
– Simple, cost effective foundations.
– Pre-engineered intermediate support system.
– Rapid build, proven solution.

retro over brug is

retro over brug is bruikbaar voor overspanningen van 25 meter, voor een maximale mobiele belasting tot en met VOSB klasse 450 (Drie assig voertuig met een aslast van 15 ton + UDL).

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