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Available for rental and sale, the Retro Footbridge; a quick-mount steel pedestrian bridge. Ideal as a temporary or permanent configuration on roads, railways and rivers. Not only a compact solution for pedestrians and cyclists, but also for cables and pipes, gritters and ambulatory traffic.

Capable of reducing costs for the customer, we can supply the RFB pedestrian bridge in a clear span from 9,144m to 57,912m. This span can be extended to an impressive 67,056m. In several sub-spans. The length is a multiple of 3.048m. The Retro Footbridge system has a number of integrated technical details to ensure the comfort and safety of the user.

All systems can be transported by ship to the site, but also by axle to the construction site. At a location where it can be quickly mounted or launched with a telescopic crane.

The Retro Footbridge, a compact solution for pedestrians, is quick and easy to assemble. We offer you a complete service; design, delivery, assembly and disassembly – to solve your problem.

The origin of this particularly compact bridge lies in England. The proven panel system is also very flexible. It therefore offers a solution for various deployability applications. Retro Bridge uses this truss construction to offer you a light and stable auxiliary bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

The RFB pedestrian bridge offers the customer the space required under the bridge deck to process cables and pipes up to a diameter of 100mm. Alternatively, pipes can be mounted on the truss or behind the turner

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compacte oplossing voor voetgangers maar daarnaast ook hulpbruggen behilfsbrücken pontons roro-facilities. En andere oplossingen zowel temporary bridges als heavy girder bridge. Voldoen aan alle normen van NEN als ISO.

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