____________________ RETRO LIGHT BRIDGE ____________________

A rapid build modular bridge system for medium spans and heavy loadings

Available for hire or sale, the Retro Light Bridge (RLB) is a modular steel bridge system pre-designed for delivery to site on conventional transport and rapid erection with little or no on site pre-assembly. Many RLB’s can be erected and ready for traffic within hours of arrival on site.

Delivered by road, quickly installed and ready for traffic

RLB units are pinned and bolted together to form bridges of any length with clear spans of 10.5m, 21m, 24m, 27m and 31.5m and with any number of traffic lanes. Standard 3m wide bridge units combine with 1.5m infill units to provide many roadway width options: 3m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, etc. Other bespoke bridge widths can also be accommodated.

Retro Light Bridges are suitable for emergency, temporary or permanent bridges on all types of road from heavily trafficked motorways and urban dual carriageways to construction site accesses and lightly trafficked rural roads.

Eurocode compliant

The RLB system is designed in full compliance with the Eurocodes to carry loading defined in many different international standards including Eurocode I – III, LM1 or LM2; HA and various levels of HB loading to BD37/01; and HS20, HS25 or HL93 loading to AASHTO. Abnormal loads and off-road construction traffic can also be accommodated.

Lightweight, safe and flexible solution

The RLB slim line 1.16m deep lightweight all-steel structure ensures foundation, approach ramp and other substructure costs are kept to a minimum.

Factory applied epoxy based anti-skid deck surfacing is a standard feature of the RLB. Longitudinal joints can be made watertight if required to provide a suitable solution for use on more environmentally sensitive sites. And services can easily be accommodated below deck level.

We offer the complete service – design, supply, erect and dismantle

We can provide a complete erection and dismantling service to ensure that Retro Bridges are installed to the latest quality, health, safety and environmental standards and to ensure your complete peace of mind.

RLB units are fully welded in the factory prior to delivery and decking does not come loose under traffic, delivering a safe solution and significantly reducing in-use maintenance costs when compared to other modular bridge systems.

Retro Light Bridge: A lightweight rapid erect modular system that delivers a high capacity, aesthetically pleasing long lasting bridge solution.

____________________ TECHNICAL DATA ____________________

footbridgeLoading and Design
– Eurocode I – III; LM1 or LM2.
– HA and 30, 37.5 or 45 units of HB loading to BD37/01.
– HS20, HS25 or HL93 loading to AASHTO.
– Abnormal loads and off-road construction traffic.
– Other international loading standards also catered for.
– Designed in full compliance with the Eurocodes.
– High fatigue life.

Spans, Widths and Depths
– Clear spans from 10.5m to 31.5m.
– Multiple spans also catered for.
– Skewed intermediate supports easily accommodated.
– Standard unit width of 3m with infill units of 1.5m.
– Roadway width of 3m, 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m, etc.
– Other bespoke widths available.
– 1.16m standard construction depth (Bearing 150mm).
– Many international standards catered for.
– Standard solution designed for a horizontal impact load of 100 kN. This can be upgraded to 300 kN at 667mm above deck level
   if required.
– Lighter road and pedestrian parapet systems also available.

Deck Surfacing
– Factory applied epoxy based anti- skid surfacing provides skid resistance.
– Optional deck waterproofing system and anti-spill side strips.
– Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas and watercourses.
– Site applied waterproofing and asphalt also possible.

Other Attributes
– Available for hire or sale.
– Emergency, temporary or permanent bridges.
– Suitable for use on all types of road from busy motorways to lightly trafficked rural roads.
– Also suitable for temporary railway bridges and construction site accesses.
– Easy to transport to site, minimum on site assembly, very quick and simple to build.
– Crane-in or launch.
– Simple, cost effective foundations.
– No requirement for post erection abutment construction.
– Decks do not come loose when trafficked.
– Robust kerbs, bespoke bearings and built-in support holes for service ducts.
– Can be combined with our modular intermediate support systems or client built piers for multi-span requirements.
– Can be used to over-bridge weak existing bridge decks.
– Aesthetically pleasing design.
– High quality, safe and environmentally friendly solution.

retro light bridge RLB

retro light bridge RLB

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